our partners

what is a partner?

A partner is an individual, company or brand that we have hand selected to collaborate with. Be it art, Cinematography streaming on the wall, furniture, indoor plant installations


Cahil and Brendon are responsible for various aspects of Jungle. From plant curation and packaging to marketing, the Suits and Boots will touch every aspect of Jungle you interact with.

Cameron Collective

Contemporary home décor, pet accessories, lighting and gifts delivered to your door. Create a stylish interior with home accessories from Cameron 


Using the found skulls, skeletons and shells of incredible indigenous fauna that have died of natural causes – we cast unique, high-end statement jewellery.


Umdabu has a passion for creating original furniture with a natural edge. Our process stems from a root or natural wooden slab and ultimately becomes functional art. Therefore, we create. We do not produce.

Marcos store 14

Everything from luxury goods/fashion to sneakers and street wear for Sale.

Sneaker State

An on demand premium sneaker valet service for people on the move that want to keep their kicks fresh for as long as possible. We’re all about convenience and providing a premium service to suit your lifestyle and prolong the fresh state of your sneakers.